Family Engagement Library

North Fayette Elementary School
Fayetteville, Georgia

Library Items:

Building Homework Skills

Listening Well and Following Directions

Problem Solving Skills

Reading for Meaning

Expressing Ideas in Speech and in Writing

Using Time Wisely

Working With Others

Critical Thinking

Desarrollando destrezas de estudio

Cómo escuchar bien y seguir instrucciones

Cómo resolver problemas

Leer para comprender

Expresar ideas oralmente y por escrito

Usar el tiempo prudentemente

Trabajando con otros

Análisis Crítico

How to Get Organized for Homework and Schoolwork

How to Take Good Notes

How to Remember What You've Learned

How to Tackle Large Assignments

How to Make the Most of the Way You Learn

Success Takes More Than Just Being Smart

How to Study More Effectively

How to Do Better on Tests

10 Study Secrets of Great Students

How to Get More Out of What You Read

How to Become a Better Writer

How to Do Better in Math

Dealing With Peer Pressure

Coping With Divorce

Dealing With Depression

Resolving Conflicts

Controlling Anger

Dealing With Bullies

Why Your Attendance Matters

Making Better Choices

Why Education Matters

How to Get Along with Your Teachers

Better Time Management in 21 Days

Success Starts with Your Attitude