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Motivate Good Behavior With a Marble Jar

Busy parents sometimes feel that they are “losing their marbles.” But by using your marbles, you can motivate your child to behave well.

Give your child a jar to keep in a central location in your home. Any time your student behaves properly—at the store, for a sitter or even at the house—provide a marble to put into the jar.

Doing assignments of any kind entitles your child to more marbles. Any notable achievement (whether it’s learning to tie a shoe or earning a good grade on a test) also earns your child a marble. Behavior that doesn’t measure up will cost a marble.

The jar should be kept where everyone can see it. When it is full, the whole family gets a treat. The marble jar is a visible reminder of progress, and how your child's good behavior makes life better for everyone.

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