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Respectful Manners Make Learning Easier

With everything else that children need to learn, manners may not seem like a major priority. But children who act out or display negative manners in a learning environment make it hard for everyone else to learn. The manners children practice at home are the ones they will use with the rest of the world. It benefits everyone when families teach the importance of respectful behavior.

Two strategies help reinforce good manners:

  1. Make the Golden Rule come alive. Help your elementary schooler see what it means to treat others the way your child would like to be treated. If your child hits a sibling, ask, “How would you feel if you were the one who was hit? ”
  2. Use words. Children don’t always know how to say they’re angry, frustrated or upset, so they lash out instead. Demonstrate how to use polite words to express displeasure: “When you use that tone of voice with me, it hurts my feelings. Please stop. When you talk calmly, I will listen.”

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