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Keep Extracurricular Activities From Overwhelming Your Teen

After a pandemic pause, it's becoming true again: A whole new world of activities, sports and clubs often opens up once a child reaches the teen years. Many teens will dive right in.

This is mostly good. School and community-based activities are fun and build friendships. They teach respect for peers and adult leaders. They steer teens away from simply "hanging out." And they are an important part of a successful college application.

But it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Academics are the most important part of school. If an array of extracurricular activities leave your teen with no downtime or too tired to crack a book, it's time to cut back.

In general, students should spend fewer than 20 hours a week on extracurricular activities. Sometimes there are special cases. For example, there might be extra practice during the week of a play or show. At those times, help your teen plan ahead of time when to get schoolwork done.

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