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How to Help Your Child With Math Assignments

If your child has an assignment in only one subject, it’s likely to be math. Here are some suggestions for making math homework time go a little easier.

Math builds on itself. So what your child is learning now is based on material that was taught earlier. It is important that students not get too far behind, or they will be lost. Make sure your child does math homework every day it’s assigned.

Math homework often includes a sample problem. Have your child copy that problem and try to solve it. Can your student explain the steps? If so, your child is ready to tackle the rest. If not, review the steps as they are presented in the sample together. If the sample problem is still confusing, your child should ask for help from the teacher the next day.

On days when your child doesn’t have any math assignments, review basic math facts together. Make sure your student can do age-appropriate math—such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers, fractions, and decimals—quickly and accurately. Even when students use a calculator or computer later on, they need these fundamental math skills to know if the answer it gives them is on target.

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