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Reduce Conflict with a ‘No Sandwich’

Every parent knows that there are times when you just have to say no to your teen. The key is to find ways to say it without sparking a huge battle.

Try offering your teen a “no sandwich.” Say something positive before and after you say no. Your teen will still understand that you are saying no. But the positive messages may make it easier to hear.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your first statement should make it clear you really heard your teen.
  2. Your second statement should give a clear no. Tell your teen why you can’t (or won’t) go along with the request.
  3. Your third statement should be a positive one. Tell your teen what you will do to ease the sting.

Suppose your teen asks to use the car. Your “no sandwich” could sound like this:

Or suppose your teen asks to go to watch a movie you disapprove of. Here’s a way to say no:

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