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Ignite Your Child's Interest in Reading

Sometime between ages seven and nine, students typically make the transition from mostly listening to and looking at picture books to reading on their own for enjoyment and learning. Families can have a significant effect on how well their children make this transition. One important way is by encouraging their children's desire to read.

To boost your child’s reading motivation:

  1. Provide access to well-written books. Look for books that will make your child laugh or want to know what happens next. Seek out award-winning books. Ask the librarian for suggestions.
  2. Cater to your child’s interests. Her passion could be dinosaurs or dolls, collecting bugs or playing the cello. Whatever her interest, there’s probably a book on it written at her level.
  3. Nurture your child’s natural curiosity. Show her how to look up the answers to her questions in dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases and non-fiction books as well as online.

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