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Increase Motivation for Learning Five Easy Ways

Nagging your child to study doesn’t usually work. And preaching about the many benefits of education may not have an immediate effect either.

To encourage a motivation to learn:

  1. Be a learner yourself. Let your child see you reading and looking up information. Watch educational TV programs. Stay up to date on school news. Tackle new projects. Show curiosity.
  2. Share what you learn. Talk about new ideas or scientific discoveries with your child. Discuss things you read or hear.
  3. Show an interest in what your child is learning. Ask questions simply to learn and share—not to check up on him.
  4. Believe that your child can learn. If you show faith in his ability to learn, overcome obstacles and get smarter, your child will have more confidence in his ability as well.
  5. Never lose faith. If your child has problems with school, stay calm. Help him see that problems can be solved. Figure out what he can do to improve, and how you and the teacher can help.

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