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Show Your Teen What Strong Study Habits Can Do

Many teens have poor study habits they should change, such as rushing through assignments or giving up easily on problems. Sometimes they don't change these habits because they don't think it will help. They don't believe that a little extra effort can go a long way.

Here's an experiment that can help. Have your teen study one subject 15 minutes longer than usual each day. Then watch how this additional effort affects your teen's grade in that subject. A rise of one grade level (a C to a B, for example) is common.

The key is to make the 15 minutes really count. Share tips for using the time effectively. For example, your teen might work on some challenging math problems or make up a sample history test and then take it.

Explain that extra studying is helpful even when your teen understands a topic. Recalling and applying the material helps students remember what they learn.

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