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Let Your Child Discover Lessons

You thought it would be fun to build a bird house with your child for the backyard. But as you were explaining how to use all the tools, you noticed that your student had lost interest.

Teaching your child is important. When your child asks for it ("I sure wish I knew how to ..."), it can be a great way to spend time together.

But in some families, kids feel like they're always in class. When they come home, a parent is drilling them on how to shoot free throws or how to make bread the right way. Turning everything into a lesson is a surefire way to make kids lose interest.

Kids love to do things with their parents. Working together on a project can be one of the best ways for parents and children to learn more about each other. But not every activity has revolve around teaching your child new skills.

Sometimes, it's just fun to putter around together in the kitchen or the workshop. So go slow. Let your child decide how to tackle a project. You might ask if there's anything you can do to help, but take "no" for an answer (unless your child wants to do something unsafe). If a nail gets hammered in incorrectly, your child will learn soon enough that it doesn't hold the wood together.

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