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An 'I'm Bored' Jar Can Help Your Child Stay Engaged This Summer

Kids always look forward to summer. But after several days of lazing around, they're likely to start whining, "I'm bored."

Try creating an "I'm Bored" jar. At the beginning of the summer, have your child make a list of fun activities to do when boredom strikes. Examples might include: reading a book, listening to a favorite song, painting a picture, writing a poem, going for a bike ride. Have your student write each activity on a slip of paper and drop it into the "I'm Bored" jar.

Each activity needs to be something your child can do alone. Save activities that require trips to the store or full parent participation for other occasions.

When your child complains of being bored over the summer, pull out the jar. Have your child draw one slip of paper and do the activity. The suspense of not knowing what might come out may be enough to add a little zip to the day!

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