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Teach Your Child to Follow Directions

It's important for your child to have a firm grasp on how to read and follow written directions. In school, students are asked to write assignments and take standardized tests. Failing to follow directions could cause your child to miss the point of what is being asked.

To reinforce the importance of following directions:

  1. Provide a set of complex instructions. (Hint: baking cupcakes or making a pizza completely from scratch is perfect for this.)
  2. Have your child read all of the directions aloud. Don't rush through this.
  3. Put a special focus on the action or actions required. You might have your child circle key words such as "measure," "mix," and "preheat."
  4. Monitor your child's effort to carry out the directions. Help as needed.
  5. Go back and reread the directions together. Did your child follow them exactly? Challenge your student to catch any mistakes.

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