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Create a Spelling Board Game

Here's a game to make studying spelling words a little more fun for your child. You will need a colored file folder, markers, some index cards, a die to roll and two game pieces (one for each player). Then, together:

  1. Open the file folder and use it to create a game board. Let your child decorate it. It should have a pathway of connecting squares. Most squares on the game board should contain either the letter "S" or the letter "R." A few should have special directions like, "Go ahead 2 squares," "Go back 1 square," "Lose a turn" or "Take an extra turn."
  2. Have your child print current spelling words on index cards. Include some words from earlier lists that have been challenging to learn.

To play the game, each player rolls the die and moves that number of spaces. If the square reads "S," the player must spell the word on the top card. If the square reads "R," the player must read the word. (For an extra challenge, have your child check that you're spelling words correctly.)

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