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Help Your Child See All Sides of an Argument

There's usually more than one side to an issue. But it can be hard for kids to see another side when they are convinced their own opinion is correct.

Here's a debate game that can help children recognize the pros and cons of any issue. To play:

  1. Throw out a statement. For example, you might say, "Homework should be banned forever" or "Kids shouldn't have to do chores."
  2. Ask your child to think of all the reasons that support your child's own views on the subject. Then ask for a list of reasons against your child's position.
  3. Discuss the issue as a family. Which views were most convincing?

You can also do this activity in teams. Have one team think of the pros. The other team can think of the cons. Before they share answers, have the two teams switch sides and see which team came up with the most arguments for either side.

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