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Volunteering Comes With Many Benefits

Volunteers work for free, but not for nothing. Here are four benefits to getting involved at school:

  1. You’ll learn what’s going on. Let’s face it—what kids tell parents about school isn’t always as complete (or as accurate) as families would like. Volunteering will give you a personal view of the school.
  2. You’ll have a chance to develop workplace skills. Volunteer jobs at school may give you experience managing projects, editing publications, raising money or developing computer skills. These are all valuable in the job market.
  3. You’ll have things to talk about with your child. After you volunteer, you’ll know that Kenny is the class clown, or that Monique is the new girl. Even if your child doesn’t always volunteer information about school, you’ll know enough to ask informed questions.
  4. You’ll be able to help all children do better in school. Volunteers usually start out wanting to help their own child. It doesn’t take long, though, to see that you can make a difference for every child in the school.

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