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Add Responsibilities and Privileges as Your Child Grows

As children grow older, they can—and should—take greater responsibility. So it’s a good idea to review your child’s responsibilities at home from time to time. Consider whether they are still age-appropriate, and whether your child is capable of doing more—particularly when it comes to self-care.

If the time is right to add a new chore, start by talking with your child about it. Stress the positive reasons for taking on the new task. You might say that your child has the ability to do the job “now that you're so grown up.”

Then, show your elementary schooler how to do the new task. Do it together, then supervise as your child practices doing it. Finally, let your child take care of it independently.

As you add responsibilities, think about adding privileges, too. You might move your child’s bedtime a little later or allow more freedom to make certain decisions. For example, a child who is old enough to do laundry is also old enough to decide what to wear in the morning. This helps children connect increased freedom with the responsibility they are showing.

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