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Create a Schoolwork Kit

“Mom, where are the colored pencils? I need them for a social studies project.” “Can you find the scissors? I need them for my math assignment.”

Sound familiar? In some families, it takes students longer to assemble the supplies for schoolwork than it takes to do the work. You can speed up the process—and simplify your life—by putting together a schoolwork kit.

Give your child a plastic tote tray or a basket with a handle. Fill it with supplies that might be needed for assignments—sharpened pencils, tape, glue sticks, rulers, erasers, markers and anything else you can think of. You may want to use empty cans to hold some of the supplies—markers in one, pencils in another.

Keep the kit in a special place so the supplies don’t disappear. It should come out only when it’s time for schoolwork. Your child will have everything in one place—and you won’t spend all your time hunting for a ruler that you know is around the house someplace.

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