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Help Your Child Find the Right Time and Place for Schoolwork

When is the best time for students to do schoolwork? It depends, say experts. Some kids like to start their assignments right after the school day ends. The material is fresh in their minds. Others like to relax a bit and get some exercise first. Still others get up early in the morning and tackle their work when they are well-rested.

When should your elementary schooler tackle assignments? Whenever your child can concentrate best. Experiment to see what works.

And while there's no one best place for students to work, there are some things that make it easier for them to study productively. Make sure your child has a comfortable chair and a good surface for writing. A good light will let your child read without straining. The study area should also be as distraction-free as possible. Give your child plenty of pencils, pens and paper. Access to a few reference materials, such as a dictionary, thesaurus and atlas—in book form or bookmarked online—can also come in handy.

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