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Encourage Your Child to Pursue a Hobby

Pursuing a hobby gives children an inner motivation to learn. Their own interest motivates them to find out more and become more expert on the topic. This can give them confidence to learn in other areas.

Even if you're not interested in trading card collecting, knitting or comic books, or whatever the hobby is, encourage your child's interest. Say that you admire your child’s dedication and drive to learn more.

Let your elementary schooler’s interest set the pace. Don't overload your child with too much equipment when a new interest crops up. If your child starts a bug or rock collection, don't rush to buy everything a field scientist might need. Just supply a few needed items to get started. Then, if your child takes care of those things and continues to be interested, you can supply more.

Do encourage your child to learn more about the hobby. Go online together to read about it, or help your child check out books or magazines on the topic from the library.

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