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Four Steps Lead to Wise Decisions

When your child has a decision to make, review this four-step process together. It works for everything from choosing an outfit to wear to deciding whether to go along with the crowd.

Teach your elementary schooler to:

  1. Name the decision to be made. Sometimes children make choices without realizing it. Tell your child to stop and remember that there are options.
  2. Identify as many options as possible. Sometimes, kids think there are only two choices when there are really many more. If friends want to watch an R-rated movie, your child might think the only options are to watch it or not. But a third option might be to suggest a different movie, or a different activity altogether.
  3. Consider consequences. All choices have consequences. Help your child think through the possible results of each of the options.
  4. Consider family values when making choices. Your child can say, "I don't care if everyone else is watching those videos. In our family, we don't watch that sort of thing."

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