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Capture Successes With a Memory Book

To make it clear how really special you think your child is, do something memorable. One long-lasting idea is to make a memory book.

Collect all your child's best schoolwork and other mementos from the school year so far. Arrange items on the floor in the order in which they occurred. Then, let your child select things to include in a scrapbook titled something like, "My Second-Grade Memories." (If you want, you can make the scrapbook yourself out of construction paper, or you can scan the items to make a digital book.)

Keep collecting items throughout the year: photos of your child doing schoolwork, notes from the teacher, the super-hard math problem your child finally solved, etc. Add them to the scrapbook.

If you do this each school year, the collection of memory books will be a visual reminder of the many things your child can be proud of. Reviewing the books will also make it clear just how much your child has grown through the challenges and experiences of each year.

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