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Limits Are Critical for Teens

Changing circumstances with your teen may tempt you to relax your discipline. Perhaps the child who once adored you suddenly thinks you're just not cool. Or you're busier at work now and you're feeling guilty about having less time together.

Don't just drop discipline. Adolescents don't just need limits. They crave them. When everything else seems to be changing, your teen needs to know your parenting will be constant.

Over time, your teen will need to try more and do more. But your student still needs you to step in well before things get out of hand. This is not the time to act as a "buddy" instead of a parent, or grant all requests just to keep the peace.

Instead of giving up on discipline, adapt it. When your teen complains about not having any freedom, you can provide opportunities to earn more freedom by taking on more responsibility. Obeying curfew for six months, for example, might earn your teen the right to stay out later.

Is your teen doing a great job keeping track of school assignments and turning them in on time? Your student may no longer need you to enforce a "homework time." While maintaining the rule that schoolwork must be done, you can allow your teen choose a time to do it.

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